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July 2019 Weather: 7-day Forecast for Tokyo and Japan (And What to Wear for the Season!)

Tokyo Station Summer

Typhoon Danas has been pounding Kyushu and western Japan with heavy rains over the past several days. The rest of Japan has been seeing cooler and wetter weather as well, though things look to brighten up from Tuesday onward. Read on as we cover this week's forecast and more!

Go Down the Rabbit Hole this Summer with Tokyo's Alice in Wonderland Restaurants!

At each of the four Alice in Wonderland restaurants around Tokyo, there will be a summer mermaid-themed event – A Caucus Race in a Sea of Tears. In a Caucus Race there are no rules, all of the participants run haphazardly around in no particular direction, and everyone wins. Alice and the other animals decided to start a Caucus Race after Alice created a sea of tears and they all needed to dry off. At the Alice in Wonderland dining spots in Tokyo, there will be a wonderland seaside theme for the coming months. Why not come and experience the wonder with us?

Kurayami Gohan – Experiencing the Dinner in the Dark

Asakusa Culture Experience

It was time, the day had finally come: once more I stood in front of the modern building that was Ryokusen-ji. From the outside, you likely wouldn’t guess that a calm and atmospheric Buddhist temple awaited behind the big sliding doors – and a one of a kind experience along with it. I had waited several weeks to be a part of Kurayami Gohan, or the Dinner in the Dark, hosted by the temple’s head monk Kakuho Aoe, who also goes by the nickname of the Cooking Monk. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him before my actual Buddhist dinner experience, learning of the philosophy of the event and of the multitalented monk himself.

Tokyo Day Trips: Sightseeing and Seafood with the Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket!

Kanagawa Suburbs Beaches

For tourists who have exhausted all of Tokyo’s most popular sites, Kanagawa’s Miura Peninsula is a great place for beautiful scenery and delicious gourmet food. The peninsula’s Misaki Port, about 90 minutes from Tokyo, is known for its superb shellfish and tuna. The Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket offers not only train fare, but also bus passes and a meal voucher for local delicacies. It’s a great way to spend an unforgettable day in in the Miura and Misaki area!

6 Tokyo Expats Share Their Most Surprising Experiences with Japanese Fried Food!

Tokyo Station Other Japanese Food

When you think of comfort food, what comes to mind? For some people it might be fried chicken or pizza. There is a great variety of things people might say, but when it comes to Japanese comfort food, many might think of different fried teats like karaage or katsu. These dishes are loved by young and old Japanese people alike - but how are they received by foreign palates? To find out, we interviewed 6 foreign expats about their experiences with Japanese fried food. Some of their comments were quite revealing!

Over-wrapped! How To Limit Plastic Waste While In Japan

Tokyo Station

For newcomers to Japan, one of the biggest surprises may be the sheer amount of unnecessary packaging – particularly with plastics. While some Japanese retailers have recently taken proactive steps to encourage consumers to use eco-friendly reusable bags, these approaches have not yet been more widely adopted or imposed by the government. However, as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics approach, eco-conscious discussions have to some extent been reignited, with Environment Minister Yoshiaki Harada saying at a press conference in June 2019 that his ministry plans to introduce legislation curtailing the use of single-use plastic bags that are currently offered for free. Despite this positive step, Japan continues to be one of the largest producers of plastic waste per capita in the world. So if during your trip to Japan you find yourself being bombarded with excess packaging, here are some key phrases and tips on how you can cope!

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