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One Piece Halloween 2017: Cosplay Fun at Tokyo Tower, Straw Hat Pirates Style!

Roppongi Anime

With its love for everything cute, crazy, and bizarre, Japan seems like the perfect place to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween! And indeed, the country of cosplay does not disappoint when it comes to colorful and fun Halloween events, especially for fans of anime, manga, and video games. One of them is One Piece Halloween 2017, a massive pirate cosplay party happening over the span of a month at Tokyo One Piece Tower, the one and only One Piece amusement park inside Tokyo Tower!

Colorful, Crazy, and Kawaii: Tokyo’s Top 6 Sweets and Desserts that We Can’t Get Enough of!

Roppongi Other Cafes & Sweets

Japan and Tokyo, in particular, is known for its kawaii culture, often seemingly walking a thin line between amazingly adorable and pure insanity. This unique and colorful culture can’t just be seen, however, it can also be tasted! We’ve combed the Japanese capital in search of the cutest, craziest, and most colorful kawaii sweets and desserts we could find, to let you get a literal taste of what “kawaii in Japan” is!

[MOVIE] Copying Sutras at Narita Temple with the Narita Transit Program

Narita Other Traditional Arts

Narita airport is one of the main entryways to Japan, welcoming millions of travelers every year on their way to Tokyo and destinations beyond. Little do people know however, that the city of Narita itself has just as much to offer as Tokyo itself. So if you have a few hours to spare on your layover, or before heading out to Tokyo, we highly recommend checking out the Narita Transit Program, which allows you to explore the city of Narita in a new light!

Wake Up with Bread: Tokyo's Very Best Hotel Breakfast Buffets

Tokyo Station Buffets

There's hardly anything better than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread, which is precisely why we've skimmed Tokyo to find the very best, luxurious hotel breakfast buffet experience for you! Whether you like it sweet or savory, these hotels will let you kick back and relax over an amazing breakfast.

In Suit and Kimono: Japan’s Coming of Age Day

Right after the long-lasting Japanese New Year’s celebrations that tend to span over the course of several weeks, young Japanese all over the country look forward to yet another very unique celebration. On the second Monday of January every year, Japanese offices, schools and universities stay closed to welcome a whole age group of young people into adulthood.

[MOVIE] Visiting Classic Maid Café Mai:lish

Akihabara Other Cafes & Sweets

Come join Live Japan with me as we visit Café Mai:lish, a small and homely maid café located on the outskirts of Akihabara, about 8 minutes from JR Akihabara Station and 3 minutes from Suehirocho Station.

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