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[MOVIE]Masahi Hirao’s Bonsai Performance – A Modern Take on Traditional Japanese Culture

Other Traditional Performing Arts

Everyone knows bonsai: the little, elegant trees from Japan that have long since conquered the hearts of many a fan all around the world. The kanji with which the term ‘bonsai’ is written mean “tray plant” – a very fitting name, seeing that a bonsai really is a plant sitting in a tray. The roots of bonsai reach deep into history, dating back around 1,200 years to a Chinese art called bonkei, or miniature landscaping. From China, this art of replicating a natural scenery on one tray has been brought to Japan, where it involved into its very own form of art that is known as bonsai today. In Japan, the art of bonsai had the reputation of being a passionate hobby of especially elderly people for a long time. Recently, however, bonsai was greatly influenced by the international attention paid to the art, and young growers have started to challenge old standards and infused bonsai with fresh, creative ideas and expressions. One of those growers is Masahi Hirao. He studied under one of Japan’s greatest bonsai masters, the late Saburo Kato, inheriting his mentor’s strong desire to show the world the many charms of bonsai. Thus, Masahi Hirao follows this path by hosting various bonsai showcase events and workshops all around the world. Among those events is his bonsai performance, an enigmatic show that overcomes and overturns the common understanding of the miniature trees while showcasing Masahi Hirao as a creator. On the 24th of February 2017, one of his performance events was held at Zojo-ji, a temple close to Tokyo Tower. We were lucky enough to be part of it.

Experience Disney Easter 2017 at Tokyo Disneyland and its many Highlights!

Chiba Suburbs Theme Parks

Tokyo Disneyland is a must-see spot for many a tourist coming to Japan. The famous theme park is fun in every season, with not only the shows and parades changing in accordance to various festivities but also the decoration of Tokyo Disneyland itself. This transforms the place and its unique atmosphere into something entirely new for every festival! It really is “the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic.” Disney Easter takes place from April 4 to June 14, 2017, and promises a unique Disney-esque egg-hunt called “Usatama.” Along with special Easter-themed events and parades, seasonal dishes and snacks are also on the menu all around the park. Let’s take a look at the Easter highlights of Tokyo Disneyland!

Escape Game: Challenge your Instincts and Team play in Tokyo!

Asakusa Other Amusement

Famous worldwide, “Escape Game” originally came from Japan. I had the chance to try it in Tokyo, and it was amazing! Escape Game comes from a simple concept: One team, one room, and a limited to get out. Players must work together to solve a series of puzzles that are set in a variety of fictional locations. SCRAP is the first company that created a professional a full-scale breakout game, in 2008 in Kyoto. In Tokyo, two escape games are available in English and Chinese traditional, in the Asakusa district. We were several members of Live Japan's international team trying this kind of game for the first time, starting with…“Escape from the Haunted Manor”.

Tokyo's Top Three Natural Hot Springs: Soak your Body!

Shinjuku Onsen & Sento

In Tokyo's vast suburbs, there's a suprisingly large amount of natural hot springs to be found, many with disctinctive characteristics concerning the minerals in the water. Often, these hot springs feature various spa facilities, such as stone saunas, making them the perfect place to spend an entire spa day at. Whether you go alone to treat yourself, or bring friends and family, these hot springs are sure to relax body and mind.

[MOVIE] Learn, Make, and Eat with the Tokyo Sushi-Making Class!

Shibamata / Kita-Senju / Kameari Culture Experience

The LIVE JAPAN team recently had the chance to participate in a sushi making experience! During this small group lesson offered by Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour, we learned the history and customs surrounding Japan’s world-famous <@raw fish|a=article:a0000339?sc_lid=lj_article_textlink@> and <@rice cuisine|a=article:a0000453?sc_lid=lj_article_textlink@>, before rolling up our sleeves and making real sushi for ourselves! Best of all, we could eat all the sushi we made–and there was plenty!

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