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Million Dollar View: Tokyo’s Top 4 Restaurants with the Best View

Shinjuku Japanese cuisine

Tokyo isn’t just full of <@modern skyscrapers|a=article:a0000016@> that tower over the city but is also home to a lot of traditional and historic buildings and abundant nature – the metropolis sure is diverse. Let us introduce you to the four best spots in the city from which to gaze upon <@traditional gardens|a=article:a0000587@> or the nighttime skyline, all while enjoying <@high-class cuisine|a=article:a0000500@>!

Reliving the Massive Anime Success: Let’s Go on a Your Name. Pilgrimage in Tokyo!

Shinjuku Anime

Directed by Makoto Shinkai, the 2016 anime movie Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.), has not only become a success and phenomenon in Japan, but also internationally. Shown in cinemas all over the world, Your Name has won the award for Best Animation at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, and in China, it broke every record for movie theater audience numbers of a Japanese movie – Your Name. has won the hearts of people all over the world, no matter where they are from.

Japan’s Custom of Hikkoshi Soba - A Noodly Gift for Neighbors

Other Food

Japan is known to have a rich variety of different festivals and customs, the vast majority of them surrounding the four seasons. There is one custom, however, that even a lot of Japanese people are somewhat misinformed about. Have you ever heard of “hikkoshi soba”, or “moving buckwheat noodles?” Don’t worry if you didn’t, the majority of non-Japanese people haven’t either and were rather surprised by it: “Combining the act of moving with a dish? That’s unique.” But even half of Japanese natives don’t seem to know what hikkoshi soba are actually about. When do you eat them? Is it even something that you yourself eat? Let’s find out more about hikkoshi soba, the moving buckwheat noodles!

Japan’s Amazing Strawberry Sweets of Spring – Tasty and Adorable!

Other Cafes & Sweets

Strawberry is Japan’s favorite fruit of spring, and once this wonderful season is right around the corner, the shelves of convenience stores, supermarkets, train stations, and airports all around Japan turn bright red and pink! The colorful, vivid packages of the various sweets don’t just look enticing, once you open them, the sweet smell of rich strawberries is sure to invoke the proper spring fever feeling! But wait until you take a bite...

Banking in Japan

People living in Japan have a variety of options when choosing a bank. Similar to other countries, you can choose from large domestic banks, small regional banks, international banks and others.

Nogi Shrine – Discovering Modern-Day Shinto and the Real Last Samurai

Roppongi Shrines

Nestled between the busy nightlife district of Roppongi and the stylish commercial area of Akasaka lies a place of modern-day Shinto worship, dedicated to someone who can be called Japan’s real last samurai: Nogi Shrine. Right as I left Tokyo Metro’s Nogizaka Station, I was greeted by a large white torii, the gate that marks the entrance to Shinto shrines all across Japan, as well as two statues of komainu, or lion-dogs, the protectors of the precincts. The noise of the metropolis was quelled by this very atmosphere as soon as I took my first steps onto the shrine grounds – it almost felt like entering an entirely different world. Large trees cast their cooling shadow on me, the air felt fresh and clean, and the soft murmuring of the water in the temizuya, the basin used for ritual purification before prayer, welcomed me to an entirely different part of modern Tokyo.

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  • Shibuya
  • Shinjuku
  • Tokyo Station
  • Tsukiji
  • Ueno

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