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'That Kind of Freaked Me Out...' Osaka Tourism Shocks for Visitors to Japan!

Umeda, Osaka Station, Kitashinchi Other Sightseeing

Osaka tourism culture is unique. Like Tokyo, the city is full of sightseeing spots, including both historical locations and great places for general relaxation and leisure. However, when people come to Osaka for the first time, full of expectations, more than a few walk away with some real culture shocks! These kinds of shocks aren’t just ones that can be experienced in Osaka, they can happen anywhere in Japan. For this article, we asked some visitors to Osaka from other countries to tell us their impressions about their trips as a bit of research. * The following are the personal opinions of people who have traveled to Osaka in the past. Main photo: martinho Smart / Shutterstock. com

[MOVIE] Achieve Your Cosplay Dreams at Cosplay Studio Crown!

Akihabara Culture Experience

Anyone from pros, to amateurs, to people who've never cosplayed before can jump into Studio Crown in Akihabara to experience a professional level of cosplay that's both easy and affordable! Recently LIVE JAPAN took the opportunity to check them out!

Iconic Neighborhoods and More: Inside Tokyo's Top 10 Shopping Streets

Ueno Other Sightseeing

Tokyo’s fascinating tourist attractions aren’t limited to high-profile locations and shopping malls. More than 90% of Tokyo’s shopping malls were developed after World War II. Prior to that, people did much of their shopping in “shopping streets” where they could purchase daily necessities. One of the most famous of these streets, Ameya Yokocho, more commonly known as “Ameyoko,” began as a black market hotspot for the selling of American military supplies after the war. As more reputable retailers gradually opened shop in the area, its reputation as a tourist location grew. Many shopping streets were located near train stations, which brought a steady flow of customers. With the development of society and increased prosperity, shopping street began to feature a wider variety of shops and affordable restaurants, and now they’ve evolved into an interesting mix of old and new stores standing side by side. Each shopping street has its own unique style and charms. For example, if you want an amazing variety of stores, head to Kichijoji Sun Road. Koenji Junjo is known for exotic foods. Sugamo Jizo-dori is known as “The Grandmothers’ Harajuku,” and has great ramen shops. And Nakano Sun Mall is an otaku’s dream. Get ready for a stroll down Tokyo’s top ten shopping streets!

Welcome to Tokyo's Trendiest Street! Top 6 Recommendations in Shimokitazawa for 2020

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Other Townscapes

Are you familiar with the name "Shimokitazawa?" If you’re into Japanese literature, then you might know of the original novel "Hello, Shimokitazawa" by Banana Yoshimoto. Or if dramas are your thing, then maybe you've seen one called "Shimokitazawa Diehard" starring Eiko Koike. Or maybe you're a music fan who's been to the Shimokitazawa Music Festival. How has this town, formerly nicknamed "cotton town" for all its clothing stores, changed? Allow us to introduce some of Shimokitazawa's best antique shops, gourmet food spots, and latest trendy information!

Top 10 Sightseeing Spots Near the Hokkaido Marathon Route!

Sapporo / Chitose Other Sightseeing

Enjoy some sightseeing after the Hokkaido Marathon, the island's largest marathon. Summer in Sapporo has a refreshing average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, and travelers flock to Hokkaido as a kind of summer retreat. It’s also a long-awaited season for sports enthusiasts, with clear, pleasant winds and the arrival of marathon season. After watching or participating in a race, you’ll surely want to do some sightseeing. Here are the ten top spots around the Hokkaido Marathon route ranging from famous sites to lesser-known places.

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