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September 2019 Weather: 7-day Forecast for Tokyo and Japan (And What to Wear for the Season!)

Tokyo Station Summer

From Sunday evening into Monday morning, Tokyo and eastern Japan was pummeled by powerful Typhoon Faxi. While the system now is moving eastward offshore, it is leaving behind extremely hot and muggy weather. Read on as we cover this week's forecast and more!

Instantly Instagrammable: 3 of Kyoto’s most photogenic cafes

Gion, Kawaramachi, Kiyomizu-dera Temple Other Cafes and Sweets

Kyoto has many different types of café, from traditional coffee shops through to hipster joints and trendy meeting places. Today we’re featuring what we consider to be three of the most photogenic cafes in the city.

Purikura: Change Yourself Up with Photo Booth Fun!


You simply cannot take a trip to Japan without trying one of the mega-popular sticker photo booths known as purikura! For just a few hundred yen and a few minutes, you can take home a souvenir that is as fun to make as it is to share. Purikura isn’t just about the final photos, but about the experience and fun of posing and decoration. This is not your average photo booth! LIVE JAPAN took a visit to the purikura area of the Taito Station game center in Shinjuku to try purikura for ourselves and to take you through the process step by step!

Hokkaido Travel Guide: Top 5 Must-See Places in Otaru!

Obihiro Other Architecture

Japan's northern island of Hokkaido was fully pioneered only around 150 years ago! Otaru, one of the leading port cities of Hokkaido, holds much of that history. The Otaru Canal in the port and the surrounding stone warehouses have much to tell of the city’s proud form of long ago, which paved the way to prosperity beyond Sapporo and the cultivation of Hokkaido. There are many historical buildings that still stand around the Otaru Canal from 100 years ago, which provide a nostalgic atmosphere that you can enjoy as you walk around. Here are some of the best places to check out during your visit.

Why Are There So Many Standing Bars in Japan?

Akihabara Lifestyle

Japan has a large amount of tachigui and tachinomi spots, restaurants and bars at which you enjoy drinks and dishes while standing. In and itself, eating and drinking while standing is something of a faux pas in Japan, but in recent years, there has been a real boom of standing bars. In the past, the most common were standing soba restaurants while nowadays, you’ll find French cuisine, steaks, and all sorts of cuisines in chairless restaurants, eateries, and bars, catering to a wide range of people and palates. This standing bar boom hasn’t just begun, either. The “fast, cheap, and easy-to-eat” concept of eating has long been popular among the busy working population, so let’s explore the history of Japan’s eating-while-standing culture and the secrets to its popularity!

Bowing in Japan: Japanese Etiquette Tips (Video)


While walking through Tokyo in the evening, you are more than likely to spot several groups of businessmen and businesswomen bowing among themselves as they say goodbye for the night. The concept bowing in Japan, like when and how to bow can be at times confusing. When learning Japanese, you learn about different degrees of politeness and things that imply it. Bowing is also an act of respect and politeness and it may be tough to tell the difference between one bow from another but it is good to learn about etiquette in Japan. Let’s go over the basics of how to bow in Japan.

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