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Nothing Says “Cute Souvenirs” Like Loft!

Shibuya Other Shopping

Loft is an extremely popular, large-scale variety store that has a plethora of stickers and other stationery goods as well as other lifestyle products such as cosmetics and even travel goods. We went to check out Loft’s Shibuya flagship store to discover for ourselves what their best products were.

Izakaya Robo-Kichi: Drink, Feast and Watch Old-School Anime in Tokyo’s Super-Secret Robot Pub!

Ikebukuro Culinary Entertainment

You may know Akihabara as Japan’s hot spot for everything manga, anime, and video games, but did you know that Ikebukuro boasts a similar reputation? From November 1, 2017, the busy, bustling hub in Tokyo’s northwest will become the home of a secret robot base. Yes, you heard correctly: welcome to Izakaya Robo-Kichi, or “Theme Izakaya Robot Base!”

10 Japanese Seafood Varieties That You Should Try At Least Once


Japan is famous for a lot of things, and seafood is definitely one of them. Surrounded by bountiful oceans in every direction, Japanese cuisine has brought forth amazing seafood creations, both modern and traditional. Sushi, while undoubtedly the famous one, is but one dish of many Japanese seafood specialties – but what exactly goes into these dishes? What do Japanese fishermen generally have in their nets and what tasty marine treats await on seafood restaurants’ menus all over Japan? Here are 10 Japanese must-try seafood varieties, for gourmets and beginners!

Tokyo's Top Three Natural Hot Springs: Soak your Body!

Shinjuku Onsen & Sento

In Tokyo's vast suburbs, there's a surprisingly large amount of natural hot springs to be found, many with distinctive characteristics concerning the minerals in the water. Often, these hot springs feature various spa facilities, such as stone saunas, making them the perfect place to spend an entire spa day at. Whether you go alone to treat yourself, or bring friends and family, these hot springs are sure to relax body and mind.

Omairi: Worshipping at Shrines and Temples

Other Contemporary Culture

A Shinto shrine is a place of worship to the honored ‘kami,’ deities of Shinto, just as it is a home to the kami enshrined within. The most common name of a shrine is ‘jinja’ 神社, which literally translates to “place of the kami.” Depending on which kami the shrine is built for, it features very distinctive elements and rituals performed at the shrine itself. It can either be dedicated to a local deity that is believed to reside in and protect the area the shrine is built in, or to one of the major Shinto kami that are worshipped without local boundaries. A Buddhist temple, on the other hand, is dedicated to and enshrines a Buddhist deity. In the past, monks were trained at the many temples throughout Japan, but today they are mainly a place for worship. While there are certain similarities to shrines, they do have their very own rules to follow. Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples may have a lot of things in common but nonetheless are different religious facilities. A shrine, example, is the home of the deity enshrined within, while a temple is first and foremost a home to monks to live, work, and study. Since the philosophy and way of thinking is different in Shinto and Buddhism, the way of worship is also a different one. Let’s take a closer look.

[MOVIE] Navigating Virtual Airspace with Skyart JAPAN

Shinagawa Ride Around Japan

Have you always wanted to fly through the skies while controlling a jet? You now have the chance to make your dream a reality! Skyart JAPAN offers hyper-realistic flight simulation for everyone from beginners to professional pilots. Take a closer look at SkyArt’s state of the art headquarters located in Shinagawa, Tokyo and see how I fared in the cockpit for my very own private lesson!

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