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10 Heat-and-Eat Curry Delights to Explore the World of Japanese Curry at Keio Store!

Grocery Stores

Curry is a national food of Japan. It’s a delicious staple meal cooked in households all across the country and each city is dotted with curry specialty stores. Of course, Japan also has an amazing selection of heat-and-eat curry selections that will take your taste buds on a wild ride without the hassle of going out to eat or making the dish yourself! Indeed, these little packages are so popular, their sales have surpassed the sales of curry roux for the very first time in 2017! Curry first came to Japan via the United Kingdom in the Meiji area and in 1968, the first heat-and-eat curry hit the markets as “Bon Curry.” Now, 50 years later, it’s as popular as never before! But what to buy? Let’s find the top 10 heat-and-eat curries at Keio Store to explore the world of Japanese curry!

Digital Psychedelica! Inside the teamLab Borderless Exhibition

Odaiba Other Contemporary Arts

teamLab is the creative art group that represents “Cool Japan”. It combines technology with art to produce amazing interactive art that it exhibits all over the world gaining for itself an international reputation and selection by the world famous design culture web magazine designboom as one of the top ten art exhibitions in the world. At the beginning of last year its exhibition held at the Huashan Creative Park in Taipei, Taiwan was highly acclaimed setting a record of 200,000 visitors in a single day. This time it has established a permanent exhibition in the 10,000 square meter digital art museum of the Mori Building located in Odaiba, Tokyo. This large-scale exhibition creates a fantastic world using 520 computers and 470 projectors with the assistance of engineers, architects, and artists. This interactive creation allows visitors to experience it with their five senses and let their imaginations run they discover a new form of digital art. This summer visit Odaiba and experience it for yourself.

Light or Dark Matcha? Experience a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony at Waraku-An in Tokyo

Shibuya Tea Ceremonies

What comes to mind when hearing the words “traditional Japanese culture”? For many, green tea is one of the most obvious symbols connected to Japanese culture. Green tea is strongly associated with Japan; it’s more than just a drink, it’s tradition. In particular, the ceremonial preparation of matcha, the powdered form of green tea, is revered in Japan as a traditional ritual that is preserved to this day. To the foreign eye, the Japanese tea ceremony has long been regarded as something of an enigma: fascinating, yet arcane. Even most Japanese people do not fully know the intricacies involved in performing this ritual. However, an increasing number of tea houses have begun opening their doors to matcha novices, offering instruction and authentic experiences to Japanese and international visitors. Waraku-An, located in Tokyo, just two stops from Shibuya, is one such place that welcomes both Japanese and English speakers the chance to participate in an authentic tea ceremony!

Welcome to Tokyo's Street of Youth! Top 6 Recommendations in Shimokitazawa for 2018


Are you familiar with the name "Shimokitazawa?" If you’re into Japanese literature, then you might know of the original novel "Hello, Shimokitazawa" by Banana Yoshimoto. Or if dramas are your thing, then maybe you've seen one called "Shimokitazawa Diehard" starring Eiko Koike. Or maybe you're a music fan who's been to the Shimokitazawa Music Festival. In 2004 construction began on the new Shimokitazawa Station, due for completion in 2019. How has this town, formerly nicknamed "cotton town" for all its clothing stores, changed? Allow us to introduce some of Shimokitazawa's best antique shops, gourmet food spots, and latest trendy information!

Where to Go to See Flowers in Japan during Any Season

Harajuku Other Nature

You can’t beat a more beautiful experience than sitting down under a blooming cherry blossom tree and having something to eat and drink with friends, or just to sit there and admire all of the beautiful trees. It is also a wonderful time of the year, when the cherry blossoms arrive it heralds the beginning of spring which means the days will get warmer and the landscape will be transformed into one of green and other colors. There is no doubt that Japan is famous for sakura cherry blossoms, along with the whole concept of hanami (having a picnic and seeing cherry blossoms), so many tourists try to visit Japan to see them – however there are other beautiful flowers in Japan, and they blossom at different times.

10 Ways To Enjoy A Rainy Day In Tokyo

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Other Sightseeing

You’ve made good on your New Year’s Resolution to visit Tokyo. You even made sure to avoid the rainy season in June-July and typhoon season in September. Yet somehow, instead of landing in the Land of the Rising Sun, you’ve landed in the Land of Gloomy Skies. What to do? Don’t worry! Here are ten ways to enjoy a rainy day in Tokyo without any regrets.

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