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Picnic in Tokyo: Five Unique Bakeries in Yoyogi-Uehara

Shibuya Other Cafes & Sweets

Yoyogi-Uehara is a beautiful area of Tokyo that is known for its many stylish stores and unique cafés. On top of that, the area has many incredibly delicious and unique bakeries to offer as well, providing you with baked delicacies for a wonderful Tokyo picnic experience! Let's take a look at our five favorites that you should definitely stop by before hitting up the nearby Yoyogi Park!

Cheap and Unique - Tokyo's Top 10 Guesthouses to Stay At

Asakusa Youth Hostels

Guesthouses; the fun, cheap version of hotels, preferred by all kinds of adventurers and travelers. Naturally, the hip metropolis of Tokyo does have its very own selection of creative, unique, artsy, and fancy guesthouses to offer. Among this extensive selection, we chose our top 10 spots that stood out for being particularly creative, a great choice for women traveling alone, and more! Let's take a look.

Finding Your Special Cup: How to Visit and Enjoy a Sake Bar

Bars & Pubs

The first part of this article series looked at sake itself and beginner’s tips and tricks about going to a sake bar. Now, let’s take a look at the actual sake bar experience, such as the general system of a bar, sake etiquette, and phrases for ordering to make the most out of your sake experience!

Tokyo's Free Sightseeing Buses - Explore the City, the Comfortable Way!

Odaiba Other Visit

Tokyo is a massive city; while sightseeing is incredibly fun and there's much to discover, your feet are going to hurt at some point. Here's where Tokyo's incredibly convenient and entirely free sightseeing loop buses come in! Famous locations such as Tokyo Station and Odaiba can be visited by bus and without paying a single yen - let's take a look at the city's major free loop buses.

Tatami – Japan’s Traditional Straw Mats

When thinking about a traditional Japanese home, most people automatically think about tatami, the traditional straw mat that has served as flooring for many centuries. These mats have been so common in Japanese houses that the size of rooms was measured by how many tatami fit inside – a custom that has survived to this day and age.

[MOVIE] A Visit to Robot Restaurant!

Shinjuku Shows

If a neon-filled night of dancing, crazy costumes, and robot battles sounds like your kind of Tokyo dreamland, there's no question that you need to visit Robot Restaurant! I took a look inside one of Shinjuku's most unusual and talked-about theme restaurants to see if it lived up to the hype. The short answer? Absolutely!

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