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Head to Kiroro Ski Resort to Enjoy Some of the World's Best Powder Snow!

Sapporo / Chitose Skiing & Snowboarding

Kiroro Ski Resort, located in Akaigawa, Hokkaido, offers leisure all year round and is only about 1 hour and 40 minutes from New Chitose Airport by car and about 1 hour from Sapporo. In winter, Kiroro Snow World opens and visitors can have fun in the snow! Here’s our guide to Kiroro Snow World, including the ski slopes, lift tickets, equipment rentals, and more.

Japanese Drugstores Are So Different to Back Home! A Deeper Look Into the Success of Pharmacies

It's interesting how drugstores have become an indispensable part of modern Japanese life, much like the ubiquitous convenience stores. As the name suggests, these shops are fully stocked with essential pharmaceutical products. On top of that, they also allocate shelf space for daily necessities like toiletries and foodstuff, so it's not just medicines and ointments here. This wide selection of goods is why Japan's drugstores have such a strong following among visitors from other Asian countries. In fact, it's not unusual to hear of people coming to Japan with the main purpose of doing drugstore shopping! The popularity of these stores is growing among Western lands as well. Although relatively smaller in terms of size and product range compared to their counterparts in the United States, Japanese drugstores certainly hold their own when it comes to product quality, pricing, and of course, customer service. Prices can be driven even lower if you take advantage of the tax-free system for overseas visitors. Here's a deeper look at five reasons why you, too, should drop by a drugstore too if you visit Japan!

Stringraphy at Studio EVE: A Striking and Unique Musical Experience

Shibuya Other Contemporary Arts

Have you ever imagined being right inside a musical instrument, surrounded by song? I visited Studio EVE in Tokyo’s Daitabashi neighborhood and was able to experience this very feeling by attending a Stringraphy workshop. A beautiful melting of music, art, and movement, Stringraphy is an original concept that while born in Japan, has already made waves across the globe in its 25 years of existence. During the workshop, I had the chance to meet the members of the world-renowned Stringraphy Ensemble, enjoy a performance, and even try my hand at making my own string music.

Crazy Cheap but Crazy Quality: The Shopping Secret to Japan’s Home Appliances on a Budget

Electronics Stores

No matter where you’re from, shopping is a major tourist activity when in Japan – with so many shopping districts and a huge array of products to choose from, what’s not to love? What’s even better is the amazingly low prices they are often sold for. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, just wondering around one of the huge department stores is a tourist activity in itself. You know it’s true, even if you won’t admit it, walking around homeware stores is fun by itself, let alone in another country! But of course, if the prices are so low, you might wonder about the quality. So here we’ll show you not only the price, but its cost performance and durability. There are some shopping secrets to getting the best deals too...!

3 Famous Ramen Shops in Yamagata - Japan's "Ramen Prefecture"!

Surrounding Areas Of Yamagata Ramen

Described as "a treasure house of local ramen", each area of Yamagata Prefecture has its own unique style of ramen. Yamagata has led the nation for three consecutive years in their consumption of ramen while eating out, according to the 2017 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Family Survey. Yamagata ramen is really something! In this "prefecture of ramen," the competition is especially fierce in Nanyo CIty. There is a wide variety of shops, beginning with "that" famous shop noted for its karamiso [spicy miso]. In this article, we will introduce three ramen shops in Nanyo City that are known for their Akayu Ramen which takes its name from the former name of the area.

Tokyo's Top 25 Neighborhoods on Instagram!

Tokyo Station Downtown

Choosing what areas to go visit in a metropolis as large as Tokyo often seems like a daunting experience. Everyone has a different preference, some good memories connected to one place or another. We are about to introduce you to the most popular hot spots in Tokyo according to, well, everyone who's ever posted a picture of Tokyo online. With Japan expecting over 40 million visitors in 2020, and with tourism to the country increasing on a yearly basis, tourists and locals alike take to Instagram to post pictures of the places they like best. So, let’s take the guesswork out of the equation. Let’s see which areas are the ones most people like and let’s dive into the Top 25 hotspots in Tokyo on Instagram!

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