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The complete guide of Yanesen where good old Japan still remains

Ueno Traditional Shopping Districts

The area covering Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi is called Yanesen made up of the initial of three towns. The area is dotted with places keeping good old Japanese atmosphere. When you visit those places, you may feel like back in the old days. We will look into the charms of Yanesen with different faces.

It's Not Black Beer! Tokyo's Top Three Draft Coffee Bars

Shinjuku Other Cafes & Sweets

Already a huge trend in the United States, draft coffee is also starting to conquer Japan - particularly trendy Tokyoites are after the unique beverage. Made from iced coffee infused with nitrogen gas, draft coffee looks pretty much exactly like black beer and is well on its way to become a new favorite seasonal drink of Tokyoites!

Discovering the Back Alleys of Tokyo's Arakicho and its Top Three Gourmet Hotspots

Shinjuku Izakaya

The many back alleys of Arakicho in Tokyo's Yotsuya neighborhood was once a bustling geisha district, a major hub of entertainment for the Tokyoites of old. Now, the atmospheric alleys are crowded with restaurants and cafes, making it a popular gourmet hot spot right next to the lively Shinjuku. We've skimmed the area and found our three most favorite restaurants that we'd like to recommend to both Arakicho veterans and beginners!

What to do at the Top of Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji Outdoor Activities

Congratulations, you've made it to the top of the highest point in Japan, Mt. Fuji! But before making your triumphant return to the base of the mountain, check out all the interesting things to do while you are here.

Airports in Japan

When thinking about traveling into and out of Japan, the primary method of travel is via airplane. But what many people do not realize is that, with about 100 airports, domestic flights are just as viable to travel across Japan as trains and buses. For foreign visitors, discount campaigns offer reasonable fares while and flying to and from the archipelago has never been more affordable. With the help of a lower yen, a quickly increasing number of tourists, and the development of new routes, tickets to Japan are becoming cheaper in recent years. If you want to maximize your chances of traveling at a low cost, you will need to utilize some of the campaigns that airlines provide.

Alice in a Labyrinth: Fantasy Dining in Ginza

Ginza Culinary Entertainment

Enter the world of Alice in Wonderland for a one-of-a-kind fantasy dining experience in Tokyo! Eat and drink from an impressive menu of meals, desserts, cocktails, and teas, served by characters including the Mad Hatter and Alice herself!

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  • Tsukiji
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