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When to See Mt. Fuji? The Best Time and Season When Japan’s Iconic Mountain is Visible!

Mt. Fuji Landscapes

Mount Fuji is the symbol of Japan and pretty much everyone who comes to Japan wants to see it first-hand. However, the mountain isn’t always visible from Tokyo and even if you stay for a week, weather and season might have it hide behind clouds the entire time. So, when are the best chances of seeing Mount Fuji? Which season is the best, when is the best time of day? How is the weather connected to how Mount Fuji looks? We’ll tell you when to best see Mount Fuji in all its glory from various angles!

Kawaii Japan in Winter: Check Out These Adorable Bathing Animals!

Kanagawa Suburbs Zoos, Aquariums & Botanical Gardens

Japan’s ongoing love relationship with cuteness is well known, and has kicked off whole new café concepts like animal cafes. When prepping to visit Japan, you may be surprised to start learning about curious locations like “fox village” or “bunny island”. In Japan sometimes whole areas seem to be populated by one individual species, as you will find when you visit Nara – an ancient city teeming with deer. It is also quite uniquely Japanese to find cute animals enjoying the local pastime of having a nice long bath in an onsen hot spring! Animals in baths doesn’t necessarily sound like the best of concepts, especially if you have ever tried to bathe your cat, but there is something different about watching an animal relax in an onsen, especially when it is adorable! Join as we introduce 3 spots near Tokyo with incredibly cute “bathing” creatures!

[MOVIE]Become a True Gundam Pilot - Step into the P.O.D. at a Japanese Arcade!


Japan and robots go together like a hotdog and mustard. One of the nation’s most famous robot exports is known worldwide simply as “Gundam.” What started out as an anime has become a huge franchise with its own games, movies, and even a life-sized statue in Tokyo’s Odaiba. What many people don’t know, however, is that there is a way to pilot your very own Gundam robot!

Check this before visiting Hokkaido! Regional descriptions and local cuisine

Sapporo / Chitose Sushi

In the broad expanse of Hokkaido you can find a wide selection of local cuisines from port towns offering fresh seafood to places inland where local-grown meat and vegetables are used in the dishes. Especially in the case of ramen there are unique variances; Sapporo ramen and Hakodate ramen have different flavors, so we recommend you compare the differences when you visit these places. This is one way to enjoy the “soul food” loved by the local residents during your travels around Hokkaido.

Beyond the Guidebook: Expats Share Their Favorite Hanami Spots and Rituals

Tokyo Station Spring

Out of the dozens of quirks Japan is known for, cherry blossom season could be an award-winner. Sakura cherry blossoms have long been a symbol in Japan for short-lived and delicate beauty -- that all beautiful things come to an end and thus should be appreciated to its maximum during its life. Through this praise for the blossoms that last only for about a week, people in Japan use this time of year as the ultimate reason to hold picnics and parties by the mystifying trees in a tradition called "hanami." From party (picnic) hopping in the park to strolls along whole roads lined with sakura, indulging in pink and sakura themed lattes and cuisine, the entirety of Japan comes out of long winter hibernation in full, bright colors and liveliness. Read on to learn what hanami veterans in Tokyo have to say!

How to Survive the Crowds during Japan's Golden Week 2019

Other Sightseeing

In Japan people are not so hot on taking holiday - not in the sense that they don’t want to, but that there is a lot of pressure, for various reasons, not to take holiday. To combat this, the government designated a number of public holidays to make sure people take time to have a rest! The result is Japan’s Golden Week, a number of public holidays in a row (from around April 29 to May 5) which basically mean a long holiday for many workers. In 2019, this expands to a 10-day period: April 27–May 6, 2019! So just how crazy will it become and how to manage? Read on!

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