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Don’t Leave Japan Without Buying These 10 Items At Daiso Harajuku

Harajuku 100 Yen Shops

Daiso, Japan’s largest chain of 100 yen shops, boasts more than 3,150 locations throughout the country. Japan’s ubiquitous convenience stores aside, there’s no other retailer that has as many stores. Part of its allure lies in the fun you have choosing what to buy, and the excitement at seeing something sold at an unbeatable price. You’ll find a wide range of unique items at Daiso, and they’re all only 100 yen! “Affordable, useful, fun”—that’s what shopping at Daiso is all about. Daiso has retail locations in 26 countries, but there’s no mistaking the sheer amount of goods you’ll find at a Daiso in Japan. There’s plenty of “Japanesque” trinkets and multi-purpose items that make ideal souvenirs. It’s no wonder that Daiso is the to-go place for travelers. No matter how full your Japan itinerary maybe, there's always time for Daiso! Let’s take a look at the top 10 selling items at Daiso Harajuku that you should pick up before you leave Japan.

Almost Too Big for the Table! 3 Shops with Some of Tokyo’s Thickest Pancakes

Harajuku Other Cafes and Sweets

In recent years Tokyo has experienced something of a pancake boom, and the desserts have become a national favorite. While thinner pancakes have certainly become a staple for afternoon tea time, thicker varieties have also gained popularity. To make thick, almost muffin-like pancakes, careful attention must be paid to baking temperatures and times. Each shop’s unique combinations of cream, syrup, and other toppings serve to complete these delicious treats. The following are three of Tokyo’s most popular pancake shops, with two located in Harajuku, and the fourth in Ginza. Let’s check them out!

Learn the Art of Flower Arrangement at Ohara School of Ikebana

Harajuku Other Traditional Arts

Ikebana, flower arrangement, is one of Japan’s most treasured art forms, a time-honored tradition that continues to be relevant even in today’s modern society. Beautifully arranged flowers and plants have permeated Japanese culture in a way that is seldom found in others. The Ohara School of Ikebana has played a major part in keeping the tradition alive, through its many schools in Japan, as well as its 59 chapters abroad, with over 300,000 members worldwide. The beauty of the Ohara School is not only in its floral arrangements, but its ability to share the culture of ikebana with the world. I visited the Ohara Center of Tokyo to try an ikebana class to learn more about this traditional art form.

Guide to Ginza Itoya: The Century-Old Stationery Store

Ginza Other Shopping

Ginza is one of Tokyo’s prime areas for glitzy shopping and dining, uniting some of the world’s most well-known brands. The area is close to both the famous Tsukiji Market and Tokyo Station, thus a favorite spot for tourists to stop by and look for fancy souvenirs, additions to their wardrobe, or gourmet delights. April 2017 also marked the opening of GINZA SIX, one of the largest commercial facilities in the area. In Ginza’s main street, you will find Japan’s most famous stationery specialty store: Itoya. The shop offers a vast, wonderful selection of Japanese and international brands, with dozens of original stationery items that are both stylish and functional. Whether you’re a die-hard stationery fan and seek to enrich your arsenal of pens and paper or you’re simply looking for a fun souvenir, Itoya is a must-visit in any case. We will guide you through each of the 12 themed floors and showcase highlights and must-haves!

Enjoying Traditional Japanese Adzuki Red Bean Sweets! 3 Celebrated Shops in Osaka

Osaka Suburbs Other Japanese Food

Zenzai, a sweet adzuki red bean soup with roasted rice cake or rice dumplings in it, is a temptation that is hard to resist once the weather turns really cold and you are chilled to the bone. This is something even a man out on his own is eager to wolf down. Finding a shop offering this temptation while out walking is impossible to resist. Walking around an area a short distance from the city center of Osaka I visited three famous zenzai shops.

52 Useful Japanese Phrases for a Fun Trip to Japan You Can Use Right Now!

Tokyo Station Other Sightseeing

When visiting Japan, there are several useful phrases you should probably know, as there may not be many Japanese people who speak English very fluently. But with these key phrases, whether shy or famous, any Japanese-speaking person you talk to will be sure to understand you. Let’s look at some commonly used expressions for situations you may encounter when visiting Japan in the following example sentences, along with their meanings and usage.

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