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Is Japan Open? Latest on Japan Travel Restrictions: Entry, Events & More (Updated 12/2022)

Other Sightseeing

Countries all around the globe have also been easing up travel restrictions. Naturally, many have also wondered if and when they could travel to Japan again. The rules and details around visiting Japan can be a little complicated to understand. Several restrictions for entering the country changed on September 8, and from October 11, independent travelers will be able to enter Japan, with no restrictions on the number of daily entries, and no short-term visa. Based on government information, we'll explain everything you need to know about Japan travel restrictions, from entry conditions and necessary documentation, to mask requirements and the current state of Covid-19 in Japan. Information is as of November 7, 2022 Main image: PIXTA

K-Pop Group SEVENTEEN Collabs With Tokyu Hotels: Check Out These Fun Accommodation Plans & Original Novelties!

Shibuya Hotels

From November 11, 2022, Japanese hotel chain Tokyu Hotels launched a new accommodation plan in collaboration with popular K-Pop idol group SEVENTEEN in line with their Dome Tour in Japan! Accommodation plans will include large panel displays and exclusive novelties in the guest rooms, with photo spots set up throughout the hotel. Your stay at Tokyu Hotels will feel like you're one with SEVENTEEN yourself!

Become a True Gundam Pilot - Stepping into the P.O.D. at a Tokyo Arcade! (Video)


Japan and robots go together like a hotdog and mustard. One of the nation’s most famous robot exports is known worldwide simply as “Gundam.” What started out as an anime has become a huge franchise with its own games, movies, and even a life-sized statue in Tokyo’s Odaiba. What many people don’t know, however, is that there is a way to pilot your very own Gundam robot!

38 Best Things to Do in Kyoto: See, Eat, and Shop Your Way Through Japan's Cultural Capital

Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple Other Sightseeing

Kyoto is a must-visit destination when heading to the Kansai region in Japan. There are so many iconic sightseeing spots, including the Kiyomizu Temple and Arashiyama (the bamboo forest), and unique cultural experiences you can only enjoy in Kyoto! Here are 38 things you can do in Kyoto, so take a good look at this list and pick out the ones you want to do! Main image: PIXTA

The Shizuoka Tea-Picking Experience: Learn All About Japan's Tea Culture

Shizuoka Suburbs Outdoor Activities

Shizuoka Prefecture is home to a number of famous landmarks, from Mt. Fuji to vast tea plantations. But to fully appreciate everything this tea production center has to offer, it's not enough to simply sip a cup and learn about its history. Travel just one hour away from either Tokyo or Nagoya Station on the Shinkansen Hikari Line, and you'll arrive at Shizuoka Station. Before you even arrive, the expanse of tea gardens let you know exactly where you are. To dig deeper into Japan's tea culture, we decided to try the Shizuoka Tea Picking Experience for ourselves. Today, we tag along with LIVE JAPAN editorial staff, Bella and Chia-chi as they visit the Tea Museum, Shizuoka. Join us as we explore the vast tea fields, and learn about Japan's tea culture through immersive and extraordinary experiences!

Entering Japan: Guide to Airport Arrival and Departure Procedures in Japan (2022 Latest Edition)


After landing at the airport, the first step for entering Japan is getting through customs and immigration. Foreign visitors are required to get tested and complete various procedures upon arrival. Since the spread of Covid-19 in 2020, following procedures and rules is extremely important to ensure a safe trip! Here we will introduce what you need to prepare before a trip as well as entry procedures as of November 2022. Main image: PIXTA

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